Free Software

Below you can generate passwords for your free Materialise software.

Password generation

If you want to generate a license key-file(1) to activate your Materialise free software, please select your product and enter your System ID(2) and email below.

After clicking ‘Generate password’, a direct link to download your keyfile will become available on this website. You will also recieve an email with your key-file as back-up.

1) A password (license key-file) is required to use Materialise software. A license key-file must be stored locally on your computer. From the software, you will need to browse and select this file in order to active the software.

2) Your System ID is a unique identifier for the PC on which you have installed the Materialise software. This ID is dependent on your hardware an will be used to generate a unique key-file. You can find your System-ID on the registration wizard of your Materialise software.

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